Store FAQ

Why donate? How does the Store help Lewiston – Clarkston Partners Habitat For Humanity?

Proceeds from the Store help the affiliate build even more affordable homes for qualified families in the LC Valley.
Your donations may be tax-deductible.
Useful materials are recycled to help the environment.
Useful materials are kept out of landfills and put to use by those who need them.
Helps our community by providing affordable building materials, enabling more people to repair and remodel their homes and businesses.
Support Habitat for Humanity’s objectives of building safe, affordable, energy efficient houses for low-income families, and the revitalization of neighborhoods.

Who can shop at the Store?

The Store is open to the general public including homeowners, interior designers, contractors, and property managers.

How can I help the Store?

There are essentially three ways you can help the Store.

Make your home improvement purchases at the Store and to tell your friends about us.
Spread the word that about our stores and help us receive donations of good quality saleable materials.
The Store is always looking for volunteers to help with stocking shelves, picking up donations, and general store upkeep. If you are interested in volunteering at the Store, follow this link: Volunteer at the Store.

Does the Store have any specials?

Yes. Because we sell most items at 10% to 50% off normal retail value, every purchase is a great deal. However, we offer specials from time to time where you can save even MORE!